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Thousands Of Luxury Cars Including Porsches and Bentleys Were Up For Grabs After A Cargo Ship Caught On Fire In the Middle Of The Ocean

A cargo ship carrying thousands of luxury cars has sunk to the ocean floor after 13 days afloat.

The 650-foot-long, 60,000-ton cargo ship transporting Porsches, Bentleys and Audis sank Tuesday in the mid-Atlantic, the ship’s manager and the Portuguese Navy confirmed.

What a waste. You saw how many people once they heard the law of the Sea was trying to jack at least some of the cars. 

I mean I guess getting it out of there would probably be too costly with it being on fire and all. But there had to be some way to grab a couple of those Porsches before it all went down. At what other time in human history has there been free Porsches legally allowed to be taken by whoever. The law of the sea is the law of the sea, it doesn't change too much. Abandoned ships with $400 million dollars of luxury cars and not a single pirate willing to go hard of the coast of Azures to seize it. 

Like seriously back in the day most pirates were all about grabbing abandoned ships. Pirates were bigger scavengers than predators, looking to track down abandoned merchant vessels for their cargo on board. The rules of the sea have always been finders keepers losers weepers. I just got to say our pirates today have gone bigtime soft. $400m in booty up for grabs and not a single person went to get it. Hell that slap dick from last chance U was even wanting to go out and get it. 

It's nuts the Somalians didn't get this one going for it. Would have been a devious lick.