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A Bride-To-Be Is Getting Thrashed Online For Asking Her Bridesmaids To Pay For Her Solo Spa Trip Because They're "Too Stressful" To Hang Out With

DAILY MAIL A bride-to-be has been slammed as 'greedy' after asking her bridal party to pay for a luxury solo-escape instead of hosting a hen's do.

The young woman envisioned a pampering weekend before walking down the aisle and decided it would be more convenient if her friends didn't come along.

So she instead asked them to 'pitch in' the amount they would have spent on flights and accommodation so she could afford a retreat. 

'I just have girls that live all over, they have kids, I feel like this would be easier and less stressful,' she said.

She then decided to ask online if her suggestion was in-fact rude after it seemingly 'went down like a lead balloon'.

'Is wanting to go on a bachelorette retreat with myself really that weird?' she asked.

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I know this is probably unrelatable to all you middle and high-schoolers reading this whose biggest concern in life is the shipping delay on your Team Portnoy shirt.  But you ever try to make plans with friends who have kids? It's almost impossible. I'm getting drinks tonight with some friends I haven't seen in forever, know when I had to ask? 6 weeks ago. A month and a half to find 2 hours that everyone could agree to meet after consulting with their wives.  Well, 4 weeks for the date, then 2 weeks to account for the 2-3 times minimum it gets pushed at the last minute because Little Baby Person had diarhhea or an ear infection or gas or something else that babies inconvenience everybody with. Or just because they're "wiped out" because they "haven't slept in 120 hours" because this little freeloader who can't even work and contribute to rent feels entitled to demand attention every second they want it. It's frustrating for me, who has absolutely nothing else going on ever…at any time. How about if you're a bride-to-be with a wedding coming up that you need to micromanage? 

Obviously, that's far too much empathy to ask for: the response was fast and furious from the usual crowd of Internet People who have never seen an issue that they couldn't rush to an immediate forceful judgment on.

She went quiet after being quickly slammed by strangers who labelled her as greedy, controlling and selfish. 

'The audacity of this woman is astounding, a retreat would be pricey,' one woman said.

'I would be pretty annoyed if my friend told me she didn't want my company but would take my money and show herself a nice time,' said another. 

'If this bride has a typical friendship group then she is asking too much. That would be about $300 for six or eight people - that's one expensive spa,' one woman said.

A small cohort of commenters who have done extensive reading and learned that it's not illegal to at least attempt to consider nuance, have pitched in saying, it's okay to want to be alone — it's the act of asking them to pay for it that's the problem. 

Some people were torn, however, noting that a 'solo bachelorette weekend' wasn't the problem - expecting her mates to pay for it was.

'Contribute the cost of what flights would have been? Really? How fancy is this damn spa,' one woman asked.

'It is completely fine not to want a party, I hate going to those things anyway but I also don't want to just give you my money,' said another. 

Some may be tempted to argue, well, while it can be a hassle — a very expensive hassle — to be invited to a Bachelorette party, at least you get an experience and maybe a good time for your money; it's not like, an inalienable right guaranteed by the Constitution that you be provided with a fully-funded Bachelor or Bachelorette. It's inconsiderate to just expect your friends to have extra money laying around to spend on you when they're not even getting anything out of it. 

Counterpoint. Let me ask you this: did any of these annoying friends consider or consult Anonymous Bride when they decided to give birth to children?  Knowing full well they had to "care" for and "raise" those things for the next 18ish years?  Everybody knows by now that human connection is a core human need — that friendship is literally necessary for your health. So how about this, if the Bride-to-Be didn't file charges against you for endangering her well-being when you selfishly had kids…maybe return the favor and pay for her like $10,000 mud bath facial.