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Elden Ring Let's You Get Wolverine's Claws And Slice The Shit Out Of Enemies

This weapon completely changed the game for me and made Elden Ring 10x better. If you follow my guide above, you'll be able to find the Hookclaws for yourself and just start slicing + dicing everyone in your path.

I went with the build Samurai, so my character already has great strength and dexterity which are both very beneficial to wielding the Hookclaws properly. Understanding the combat (and the game itself) in Elden Ring can be very confusing, I've been releasing tips and tricks on Instagram/Twitter + answering a bunch of questions live on stream! If you have any Elden Ring questions, shoot me a tweet and I'll see how I can help.

I've been fully addicted to Elden Ring since it dropped, it's one of the rare games that not only lived up to the hype, but exceeded all expectations. I can't put the controller down and stop grinding. 

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