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Hardo Security Guards Tackle Boise State Students During Court Storm, Forgets About The Other Side Of The Arena

What the fuck is going on here? Boise State wins the Mountain West, a good ass conference, so people decide to storm the court. Good. That's how it's supposed to be. I say that because I think we may be a court storming company now. Might be all we do from here on out. Still waiting to hear back if that's the case. Except these hardo security guards either refuse to have fun or forget it's okay to storm courts. I'm pretty sure they forgot about half the arena or have no awareness because, this picture sums it up perfectly: 

This dude pointing while everyone seems to give up, because, you know, this is what was going on in the middle of the court: 

Now you just look fucking stupid. You have half the arena on the court, the other half escaping ankle tackles and attempted pancake blocks. I know most security guards have a terrible job. You have to stand there and pretend that you care about not letting people on the court. You don't tackle people. Have some awareness for me one time. 

Would love to see these hardos meet their biggest archenemies

Zero chance they tackle any of the people involved here.