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Clayton Visits His Final Four's Hometowns

Clayton got to meet his final four’s families this week & this episode did not disappoint. For a quick recap here are some of our thoughts:

Susie Clocktower

Susie is just the sweetest. If you didn’t think that before there’s no doubt you’d be convinced now. Susie & her dad’s relationship is so cute & if you shed a few tears when she told her dad “you’ve just set the bar so high, you’re such a good man it’s hard to live up to.” We don’t blame you.


Whenever Gabby is on the screen we know we are going to laugh. Gabby’s family is just as funny. Shoutout to Grandpa John laughing at Gabby’s “let me sit on your face” joke she pulled on Clayton night 1. We also got an extremely sweet moment when Gabby’s dad surprised her from a distance after Gabby thought he couldn’t come because of COVID safety reasons. 


Serene’s hometown was a little less promising than the rest. There always has to be at least one overly skeptical parent & Serene’s mom was it. Outside of that everything went pretty smooth & Serene was the first woman to fully drop the L bomb. Clayton really has these woman falling for him. 


As soon as Rachel’s date kicked off with Clayton he was warned about Rachel’s dad Big Tone. Big Tone ended up giving Clayton the sign of approval (& we give Big Tone our sign of approval). We knew he would because all Italians dads have a soft spot. However, we’re only a little scared for Clayton if the “I was intimate with both of you” scene includes Rachel. 

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