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I Will Not Noogie Dave After His Second Round Of Hair Transplants #Growth


Our fearless leader David Scott Portnoy (yes, the same guy from Barguments) had his second round of hair transplants today. I'm not sure if that's the scientific term, as men like me don't waste our money on cosmetic procedures aka I started balding too young and it's like $30,000 for a hair transplant. I'm happy for Davey Boy, as he loves his surfer hair because it makes him feel 5'8, and we should never take that away from him. 

But if we throw back to the first time he got his hair plugs done, mistakes were made:



That was what...6 years ago at this point?! Stunning. For reference, I had completely forgotten Dave had gotten his hair plugs done like, 1 week previously and hadn't even settled in yet. Thank GOD I did the lightest of light of light love tap noogies. Anything more would have been catastrophic. And so now, I would like to say after much consideration, I will NOT be giving Dave another noogie. Call it growth, maturity, a boy becoming a man who lives in a spacious 1 bedroom NYC apartment with sprawling views, call it what you will. But I will not noogie Dave this time. I think. Damn do I want to noogie him...NO! I won't do it! 


For more between Dave and myself, check out today's Dave Portnoy Show. We had a really good 20 minute talk about the blog, the good ol' days, and the state of the company. I think it was hands down, without a doubt the best appearance I've ever done on any podcast and think stoolies, especially OG stoolies, will really, really appreciate the honesty and insight. 



Watch the full show here: