Deion Sanders Leaving a Pink Scooter on the Field for an Opposing Coach Who Said His 'Ankle Hurt' May Be the Troll of the Century

Playing for Deion Sanders seems like a blast. Many coaches in college football would have an opponent take a shot like Alabama A&M's coach did and maybe put it on a whiteboard for the team or bring it up in the press conference after the game, but I'd be willing to bet Coach Prime is the only guy in the country who would go to the lengths of buying a pink scooter to leave at the 50-yard line. That is dedication to the counter-troll rarely seen in the coaching ranks.

Jackson State didn't take it easy during the game, either. The Tigers put up 61 points and only scored once in the fourth quarter. If you're going to make a comment like the one Alabama A&M's coach did, you should probably ask yourself some questions like, "Am I facing the best team in my conference which is likely to hang a 60 burger on me?" or, "Is the coach I'm trolling known for making things into a spectacle?"

I'm glad that coach clearly did not think through those things, though, because it produced some incredible content.

My favorite part of the clip is the guy who has to take the scooter off the field and presumably into the A&M facilities. Now he has to go in there and answer questions about it like it's his fault. The whole thing is simply payback at its finest.

Watch the full episode of Coach Prime below and check out all of Season One if you haven't already: