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I Sympathize With This Grandpa Being Forced To Put On A New Clean Pair Of His Favorite Dirty Dad Shoes

I feel this man's pain. I feel it BIG TIME. As a fellow dude that simply just likes to have one or MAYBE 2 pairs of Adidas Superstar shoes a year, this hit home for me. I think myself and this grandpa here, let's call him Duke since he looks like a Duke, are just dudes that care about the real things in life. We care about family, friends, good times, burgers, Nooners, OnlyFans, and our sports teams doing well. We don't care about material things like cars or shoes. As long as our cars get us from point A to point B we are smitten kittens and as long as our shoes don't have holes we're ready to roll. 

So it's always a fucking hassle when your friends and family start busting your balls about getting a new pair of shoes because yours look like they just survived the first 20 minutes of Saving Private Ryan. It sucks. How about those dorks worry about themselves while we enjoy the comfort of our broken in shoes? Utterly ridiculous and I'm sure Grandpa Duke feels the same exact friggen way. 

The good news is though sometimes there is a seamless transition of power which I actually had this past weekend. I was finally forced to move on and I was SHOCKED when I had no pinky pain on a non-broken in shoe. Hope Grandpa Duke feels the same way with his new pair of dad shoes. I wish him luck.