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CRAZY Video Of A High School Runner Getting Sucker Punched From Behind During A Race

I think the guy screaming "ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME" at the top of his lungs over and over again covered this one about as well as you can. No need for the internet to embrace debate if that hit was real, fake, or anything else. Any time you sucker punch someone from behind, that is pure scumbag shit. I thought seeing a man slap another man in a room full of suits was jarring, but seeing it at a track meet full of people wearing Asics was somehow even crazier. Especially because everyone else kept running like racing has become a full contact sport, which would admittedly boost interest a TON in the 99% of the calendar where the Summer Olympics does not take place.

As with all things in life there is always could be more to the story, with this coming from Canadian Running Magazine, which to be honest I had no clue was a thing until today.

According to bystanders online, the man who threw the punch was standing on the track (not in the race), during the middle of the 3,000m, and the runner shoved him out of the way on his first time around. This seems to have upset him, and he struck the runner in the head on his next lap. The runner who was hit finished the race.

Obviously I have no clue what happened before/during/after that shove between those two. But finishing a race after getting blindsided with a fist is fucking incredible and instantly makes this the most bad ass high school runner I have ever seen in my life (no offense Vibbs).