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The Batman Instant Reaction (No Spoilers)

Had to put up a quick review of The Batman after I left the theater last night since I happened to catch it on the super exclusive Tuesday release that only the REAL Batman fans went to (JK, I'm just saying that to piss off Robbie). 

As I said in the review, I liked it but didn't love it. Without getting spoilery, it took Batman into a new direction that I think most of us expected based on the previews, casting, and whatnot. It's by no means a bad thing, but just not my favorite iteration of the character. The Christopher Nolan Batman movies are my favorite followed by the OG Michael Keaton one and I have this behind all of them but ahead of pretty much the rest of the Batman movies that I've seen. 

I imagine diehard fans that followed the comics, the animated series, and all other aspects of The Bat that can appreciate some of the nuances that were lost on me will like it more than I did. Which is fine. There were definitely some awesome Batman moments and mental mindfucks that you would expect in a movie with The Riddler. All in all, I'm excited that DC has a new Batman pillar to build off of and I hope they continue their winning streak that started this year with Peacemaker.

Obligatory Peacemaker intro sequence:

We have a full preview of The Batman that just dropped on My Mom's Basement with comics diehard Jose Youngs, who has done an awesome job previewing Marvel projects like Eternals, Hawkeye, and Moon Knight. So check it out then subscribe to My Mom's Basement on YouTube or your favorite podcast app/site to get our muchhhhhhh more in depth review and recap episode as soon as it drops on Friday.