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Welcome To Wisconsin Basketball: Ridiculous Banked Shots To Win A Big 10 Title With A Shirtless Big Cat On The Court

Pretty decent day in college basketball! Must be a certain month or something. But seriously, the biggest story here is the fact that Big Cat finally loses his 'lucky' Wisconsin sweatshirt and they win on back-to-back banked shots. Think he just needs to go tarp off for every Wisconsin game ever. I don't know man. This is the crazy shit that happens. Wisconsin is 'lucky' like Providence and finds ways to win these close games. That's what matters is the wins. I can't explain how Johnny Davis made this shot because he *shouldn't* have: 

Like that's unbelievable defense. Davis even thought he missed it by a mile. Look at him run to the rim for the rebound. Then you have Ivey hitting the tying shot before Hepburn. Lucky? Yeah, Johnny Davis says so.

 Yeah, I'm worried about Purdue. I know they've lost most of their games literally in the last 5 seconds, but that defense is just so average. You can't win that way unless something drastic improves. Wisconsin keeps finding ways to win which is why they at least have a share of the Big 10 title.