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MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred Wrote An Open Letter To Fans

To Our Fans:

I had hoped against hope that I would not have to be in the position of canceling games. We worked hard to avoid an outcome that is bad for our fans, bad for our players and bad for our clubs.

I want to assure our fans that our failure to reach an agreement was not due to a lack of effort on the part of either party. The Players came here for nine days, worked hard and tried to make a deal. I appreciate their effort.

The Whole Letter Is Available Here

I don't know what the copyright rules are for something like this or I would have copy/pasted the whole letter. I don't feel like giving the greedy bastards at MLB a single cent via clicks on their website than I already do with season tickets, booze, food, merch or whatever other revenue streams I give them money through. But I also can't get us sued, even if I don't think that'd happen. Rules are a fickle bastard sometimes. 

Typically I am a sucker for apologies and nice gestures. Hit me with one of those and we cool fam. While this letter was both, Rob Manfred can take it and shove it up his asshole. 

I've started what will probably be the longest blog I've ever written for this site and mind you, come July, it'll be 10 years that I've had access to write on it. It'll come out Thursday, most likely. It will be a full on breakdown of the entire mess that is MLB right now. I've been in contact with MLBPA players reps, non-rep players, agents, and other people who know what they're talking about. I'm trying to work on getting one of the player reps on Red Line Radio tomorrow for him to explain what's going on... at least what's going on from the players' perspective. 

There will be a LOT to talk about re: Commissioner Manfred, some good and some bad. The entire internet's mind is made up on him though and he deserves a LOT of this shit, so buy a shirt:

All in all, today is a brutal day for America's Pastime. I'm angered and sad. Jokes aside, outside of my immediate family, baseball is the only thing I love. Specifically White Sox baseball (obviously) but baseball as a whole. It's really all I give a shit about. I thank Christ every day I was too young to remember the '94 strike. That gutted what might have been a White Sox World Series. Fast forward to the next window of sustained success and we have…

…a 60 game season gutted by a fucking global pandemic
…a season without full capacity for 1/2 the season
…a season shortened by a labor dispute 

That's 3 years of what… a 7-8 year window with this core? Tops? White Sox fans can't have nice things. Guess I'll just watch the State of the Union tonight. Kinda funny Manfred dropped this letter right as seats at the Capitol were starting to fill up.