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This Is Exactly How College Basketball Is Supposed To Be In March

I mean that's perfect. That's how you draw up a game-winner. How many times do we see a jacked three or chaos because the first read or two go to hell? Not here. Just throw it up, one-handed alley-oop for the win. Perfect. Hell of way to get out of Richmond too. Not a true buzzer beater but pretty damn close. This is how I want March to start. The first game with a 6:30 tip and go ahead and end it like this while Providence and Nova play to the buzzer. Also just throwing it down one-handed like that made it a million times better. Sure, a regular dunk would have been fine. But reaching back like that to get the win makes it a zillion times cooler. That's just a fact. 

If only Dayton didn't lose to La Salle (or Lipscomb, UMass-Lowell or Austin Peay).