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Tough Trip For IUPUI - Bus Ended Up In The Wrong State Driving To Their Conference Tournament, Had To Play With Just 5 Guys Total

Anything happens in March right? Well, I guess technically this was the last day of February, but still you get my point. IUPUI - the worst team in college basketball, the team that had to play with just 5 guys total yesterday, also apparently went the wrong way. They were driving to Michigan from Indianapolis. Thanks to technology I can show you the route: 

Now as you can see Columbus is east. It's not remotely close to on the way to Michigan. I can understand the confusion of the head coach waking up and realizing you're in Ohio, not Michigan. I know the midwest all looks the same but Michigan and Indiana have the advantage of the Barstool Sportsbook. It feels like a scene right out of Road Trip with the whole Austin, Massachusetts mishap. Bus driver just had the wrong itinerary and didn't bother to ask anything. 

Honestly I'm just upset we didn't see IUPUI had a guy foul out. I was so excited to watch 4-on-5 or 3-on-5. But nope. They just had to skate by with 4 fouls.

At least they covered the +23.