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PSG Reportedly Offering Mbappe Over $100 Million In A 'Loyalty Bonus' For His Next Contract Is Genius Level Thinking

All we've heard is how Mbappe wants to go to Real Madrid. Well guess what? Enter the loyalty bonus. This is some next level galaxy brain thinking. Oh a little ho hum $100 million bones just to stay with us? Jackpot. Not sure how we can bring that over here to the US but gotta think teams should try it out. Maybe suggest it at MLB labor talks. Maybe the Orioles would have kept Mike Mussina with a loyalty bonus. Who am I kidding though? Peter Angelos would have offered like $3 for that. 

Now I'm no PSG fan by any means, but they are winning me over. Mostly due to the Jordan relationship and the fact their shorts legit look like basketball shorts. But there's something about Neymar, Mbappe and Messi out there together. We can't be robbed of that during Champions League - let's be honest, no one is watching them play in Ligue 1. I want to see all three and see them lose. It's why we cheer against SuperTeams. Not to mention, Clem hitting us with an MBAPPE tweet out of the clouds makes my day. Or the fact he can do shit like this: 

Loyalty bonus, what a brilliant idea. College sports offer lifetime contracts for coaches, let's start figuring out weird things like this. Someone tell Bob Nightengale to get this to the MLB guys ASAP.