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The WNBA Fined the New York Liberty HALF A MILLION DOLLARS for Chartering Team Flights

In the most flagrant display of communism I've seen in these United States of America in some time, the New York Liberty were fined $500,000 and apparently had "termination of the franchise" on the table because they flew on chartered flights last season.

The WNBA's collective bargaining agreement says all teams must have the same travel conditions as not to create any competitive advantage. What are we even talking about? The Los Angeles Dodgers had a payroll more than 600 percent larger than the Baltimore Orioles in 2021. Steph Curry is a better shooter than anyone he's ever played basketball against in his life. The entire point of sports is to maximize competitive advantages.

Are WNBA teams going to get fined for practicing or watching film now? That's attempting to create a competitive advantage.

Simply because the Liberty's owner has money like that and actually wants to use it to help his team, the franchise received the biggest fine in the history of the league. Here's the kicker, though: Joe Tsai, the owner of the team, offered to have the whole league fly on charter flights — free for at least three years — and the WNBA said no.

Sports Illustrated — On Sept. 13, according to a source familiar with the call, the WNBA Board of Governors considered an unofficial proposal from the Liberty to make charter flights the default travel option for WNBA teams—the Liberty said they’d found a way to get it comped for everyone in the league for three years—but it lacked majority support. Some owners worried that players would get used to it, so there’d be no going back, and others wondered whether players might just prefer a salary hike instead.

Maybe I'm the only guy left who believes in capitalism. If another team is kicking your ass because they're not hanging out at Gate C6 at LaGuardia for two hours and then getting on a Southwest flight, you should talk to your team's owner about doing that. And if that owner still doesn't want to, eventually all the good players will leave in free agency and go to teams where their lives are made better. That's how businesses work.

The WNBA is a Marxist organization.