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Putin Will Never Recover From This Brutal Roast

You can head back home now, Russia. My work here is done.

Ah, except for telling you about the rest of today's episode, which - unfortunately - includes more of that terrible roast. It keeps going & going. I'm sorry.

We've got a couple lighter rounds to start off with (mosquito warfare & bee boners) before jumping into the main story. The situation continues to be dire as Russia, who appears to have greatly miscalculated Ukraine's will & ability to fight, begins to regroup and ramp up attacks on civilian areas. We also do a quick roundup of what each country is doing to assist Ukraine and/or hamper Russia, and Chaps interviews Natsec expert Nola Haynes

On the plus side, even though Russia is increasing force, their communications & logistics issues still appear to be a shitshow. As a result I am pleased to announce they are extremely dehydrated.