How Could You Not Be Romantic About Campus Golf Carts?

How can you not be romantic about golf carts? At the end of the day I guess they're really just large motorized scooters with multiple seats on them though there's just something special about them! The method of fast yet slow transportation. The positive vibes of riding around with your buddies. The feel of not being in a full blown car yet not being on a bike. They really are just something special.  In my life I've had 2 amazing golf cart happenings! One was at the Daytona 500 last week as all we used for transportation at the track were the golf carts they had on teh grounds there. It was like golf cart heaven over there. Legitimately hundreds if not thousands of carts just waiting to be used. The Toyotas & Chevys racing around the track were cool and ALL, yet the golf carts were really what revved this guy's engine. 

And the second happening of this happened to be PRETTY MUCH this exact Tik Tok from when I visited one of my buddies at college many moons ago back when I was a tyke & not an old man. He somehow acquired a key to one of the campus golf carts & gun to my head I can truly say it was a top 10 night of my life. Didn't even speak to a female- just road around campus for hours on end on a Saturday night laughing it up and having a few beverages. Even drove it to the local gas station to pick up some Teddy Brewskis. Just the time of a lifetime on the golf cart so there's NO WONDER this Tik Tok above went viral. Good on these guys for taking advantage of the cart. 

I hope this blog has reminded you too to NEVER take the cart for granted. When life gives you a golf take it.