Chandler Parsons Tells One of the Best Kobe Bryant Stories You'll Ever Hear

We need to hear the best Kobe Bryant story from every NBA player from 1996-2016. Every single one. It always starts with Kobe dropping 40 points, making some off-hand comment in the fourth quarter and then something awesome happening.

For Chandler Parsons, it was getting a $22,000 club bill paid by Kobe after graciously letting him go off and lead the Lakers to a win. I can't imagine the fear in a man's eyes getting a bill that large and the subsequent wave of relief to find out Kobe had taken care of it.

It sounds like that waitress really played it up, too. I wouldn't be surprised if Kobe left her a nice tip to intentionally make it seem like Parsons was going to have to pay the bill before she told him what was really going on.

Mamba had range, man. Sure, he was going to do windmill dunks while playing one-on-one with 14-year-olds at summer camps because he literally refused to lose to anyone. But then he'd turn around after an NBA game and do something like this for a rookie.

Gone too soon.