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An Anonymous NBA Executive (Definitely Rob Pelinka) Thinks The Celtics Should Trade Jaylen Brown And Marcus Smart To The Lakers

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You know, I had been wondering what all the anonymous sources have been up to since the Celts entered 2022 and started winning at a rate (19-8) that has been only outdone by the Suns and Grizzlies. Unfortunately, they've been unable to do what we so often see when it comes to anonymous sources and the Boston Celtics, which is to slander. Remember all this from earlier in the year?

We got quotes after quotes like this

"Jaylen and Jayson aren't making anyone better," a Western Conference scout said. "I put that on them."

"They've looked like [players that] legitimately don't enjoy each other's success, and it's been like that for years," an Eastern Conference executive said. "The fact it's still rearing its head is not surprising in that regard."

"Jayson Tatum is about Jayson Tatum," an Eastern Conference assistant coach said. "I don't think he cares about winning now, and if he does, it is on his terms.

"He doesn't want to score 15 and win. He wants to score 39 and win.

Man, those were the good old days. Anytime the Celts lose some games, you can set your watch to stuff like this. Odd how all those takes have suddenly become quiet all of the sudden huh. Interesting. 

Well, now we have our answer to what all these anonymous executives are up to. They've moved on to this delusional idea that the Celtics should trade for Anthony Davis. Did we travel in time back to the summer of 2019 or something? It's pretty clear this is Rob Pelinka or someone within the Lakers organization right? I mean, what exec out there thinks about things that would make the Lakers better in a post LeBron world? Because make no mistake, the Lakers aren't trading AD unless they are also getting out of the LeBron James business. 

Think what you want about the talent of Brown/Tatum/Nesmith, but that trio is certainly better than whatever is going to be left when LeBron dips and the Lakers are left with an aging AD and mostly garbage with not a whole lot of draft capital to work with. Jaylen Brown and AD have the exact same amount of guaranteed years left on their deals after this season. Is it more likely someone like Jaylen sticks around for a 3rd contract or someone like AD who actively tried to NOT get traded to Boston just two years ago? When he's healthy, there is no denying AD's talent. But you're asking to trade someone like Jaylen in his prime for a player entering his low 30s that has shown absolutely no ability to consistently stay on the floor. He's played in just 75 games twice in his career, and has played in just 36 and 37 (so far) games the last two seasons. 2019-20 was a shortened season and he played 62, but then just 56 the year before in what was a full year. Also, are we sure AD isn't starting to show signs of his decline? Maybe this is just a weird season for the Lakers, but he certainly has NOT looked like the same guy.

The sheer idea that the Celtics would do anything to potentially help the Lakers in their next phase is also very funny. I'm pretty sure Wyc would rather these guys leave for nothing than trade them to the Lakers. Sorry, THT is not the piece that Lakers fans and the organization thinks he is. Especially for the needs the Celtics have. 

So I'd just like to thank the internet for giving us this quote today. I needed the chuckle this morning. Sadly, I don't think this is going to work out for Pelinka like he's hoping it might. Pretty sad for the state of the Lakers that they are now begging the Celtics for their players. That's tough, but I get it. I would want Jaylen Brown and Marcus Smart on my team too.