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This Dad Dunking On His Friend For Ratting On His Daughter Doing Only Fans Is A Hero

Fucking Bill, DUDE! Get out of here you narc. No one likes a fucking rat. No one likes Henry Hill. No one likes Sammy the Bull. No one likes Frank Costello. Basically the only rat people fucking like is Mickey & Minnie Mouse. It's just gross to be a rat in general though the difference between Bill here and those mob guys I mentioned is that the mob guys were probably either facing LONG prison sentences or getting whacked...Bill is over here just being a narc to be a narc! 

And not to mention there's nothing for him to even narc over, right? As the caption says all Emily is doing here is creating some small business with her Only Fans acccount. Not harming anyone. If you want to subscribe...you subscribe. If you don't...you don't. Fucking Bill, man. There's also potential that the most annoying part of this is how wholesome her dad is here. This man is a goddamn hero. Quite literally looks like the DEFINITION of a dude that would go on an utter rampage if he found out his daughter was doing Only Fans yet this man couldn't care in the slightest! He knows it's a business and business is a boomin', baby. Literal dad of the year. He deserves a medal come Father's Day 2k22.

Now as is customary when I blog anything Only Fans-related I include the link. Have at it, fellas.