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The 2022 Father Of The Year Jumped On Top Of His Unconscious Son To Protect Him From Getting Gored By A Bull That He Fell Off Of At A Texas Rodeo

Now THAT is how you dad. I am no stranger to feeling inadequate as a father thanks to the dad from Bluey running proverbial parenting circles around me every time I glance up at the TV in the Casa de Clem.

The only thing that makes me feel better after seeing that highlight reel of parenting is that Bandit is a fictional talking cartoon dog that always has the energy and creativity to make his kids' days every single time despite having to juggle work, home life, and devastating exhaustion that will never go away.

Which is why this rodeo dad is our current frontrunner for Father of the Year despite it being the first day of March and not listed on the Barstool Sportsbook. All that bull saw was red and if cartoons have taught me anything, your ass is grass when a bull sees that color. However, that dad saw his little baby on the ground with an arm stuck in the air, which every football fan knows is almost definitely the sign of a serious concussion, and put his life on the line ready to get the bull AND the horns without thinking twice just so his kid didn't get gored to another dimension. 

Moms may be the real MVP of the family, but it's nice to see a dad at least worthy of receiving some votes from time to time.

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