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Soccer Club In England Plans On Protesting Its Owners By Finding The 'Biggest Dildos They Can' And Launching Them Onto The Field

[Source] - The Big Blues Protest has been launched by frustrated fans who say they aren't satisfied with the lack of direction being shown by the club's anonymous board.

Fans are disgusted at the snails' pace of renovation work at St Andrew's which has seen two stands closed this season - reducing capacity by a third - and a lack of accountable leadership in the boardroom.

Under their stewardship, Birmingham City have finished in the bottom third of the Championship in each of their five years in charge, hired eight permanent managers, broken financial regulations - resulting in a points deduction - and overseen a huge turnover in players.

Oh fuck yeah. This is how you show them you mean business. Listen, they are out of options. They've thrown things on the pitch before. 

They've done marches and chants. There's only one thing left to do. You go find massive dildos and launch them on the field in the 69th minute. Now I understand why they are trying to coordinate it like this but feel like this is an easy out now. Security can just check for said dildos at entry. 

If there's one group of people I know that could help Birmingham here? Simple. Bills Mafia. They specialize in throwing dildos on the field. 

Be aware Birmingham. You've been warned and now fans are at the last resort. Dildos everywhere.