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I'm Giving My Heart To Independent Baseball And The Chicago Dogs

Blah blah blah Major League Baseball can suck my dick. I'm going all in on The Chicago Dogs and independent baseball.

I had an epiphany. Tom Ricketts and MLB owners simply do not care about me, or you, or any single individual in the FAN category. It's actually incredible. Time and again I've thought one thing, only to be repeatedly disproven each time (and again). It's a consistent and reliable lifecycle that's produced miserable results and I'm fed up with it. 

To that end, I'm all in on the Chicago Dogs for 2022. Independent baseball has been patiently waiting for this moment to prove that they actually care about the baseball atmosphere. They want you to have a good time at an affordable price. They do $1 dog days and discounted tall boys and fan appreciation days. There's fireworks and mascots and you can bring your dog to some games. There's no corporate greed and soulless leadership. It's just about bringing your friends and family to the ballpark to take in some baseball and relax. It's about getting back to basics and that's what I want right now. 

All things equal, the Cubs simply just aren't good enough to toy with me the way they have. I'm not in the middle of a dynasty. I don't hold my head higher (or lower) for being a Cubs fan. It just is what it is: an extremely expensive recreational activity that continues to demonstrate an unwillingness to respect or consider the very people who weave the economic fabric that protects Tom Ricketts at night. And now I'm wrought with experience and perspective to see the big picture. It's not special. It's not unique. It's just a private family enterprise mercilessly profiting off the historic and emotional value of the Chicago Cubs. 

I'm not sure if I'll ever feel the same way about MLB after this lockout and the news that's come from it. Finally I can relate to my dad's generation that was forever changed by the '94 strike. So many of those guys say that it completely tarnished the product for them and now I completely understand why. 

I bitched extensively earlier today about how you need to tell your owner to fuck off if you ever get the chance. ALL OF YOU. That's what I want. A unified front of people that see their owner and instead of asking for a picture, you just coldly tell them that they ruined your favorite sport and you'll never forgive them. That's option A and I still encourage it. 

Option B is go all in on your indy ball team. If you have one, go support it. Buy a ticket package. Take a date there. Rally the boys for a Saturday or maybe take your old man and keep score. Whatever the case, there's never been a better reason or time to support independent baseball. Not saying we put MLB out of business but all journeys start with one single step. Don't be afraid to join me. 

And not for nothing - Indy ball games are awesome. Take my word for it or watch for yourself. 

PS - Here's a map of all indy team locations courtesy of wikipedia. Your homework assignment is to pick out a team by end of the week.