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Ohio State Has Plastered Michigan QB JJ McCarthy's Dumb Quote Across Their Training Facility

Well that's an interesting way to summarize the Ohio State / Michigan rivalry as of late. Sure, the Buckeyes had beaten Michigan 8 straight times and 15 of the last 16 before this November, but yes, freshman JJ McCarthy is now 1-0 in The Game. "All we (the people that haven't been on campus for a year yet) know is beating Ohio State".

Ohio State heard you loud and clear.


One day later, it's up on the TVs at the Buckeyes training facility. That'll light a fire under the boys asses. And it should, we were embarrassed on the biggest stage by our rival that we hadn't lost to in a decade. Losing to Michigan is unacceptable at The Ohio State University, and this should at minimum be broadcast on the TVs across the facility until next November. I wouldn't hate tattooing it on the entire returning defense, either. Can't let anyone go a day without remembering the feeling.

Now if all Ohio State players would please exit out of this blog, I need to say something to the rest of the crowd.....

Is JJ McCarthy messed up in the head? Buddy has completed 34 passes in his entire career. He played SIX SNAPS in the game against Ohio State. I personally don't think anyone since Charles Woodson should be legally allowed to chirp the Buckeyes, but for JJ McCarthy to be the one to do it is laugh out loud funny. To say "All we know is beating Ohio State" implies the very opposite of what has actually happened in the rivalry. Put this quote in the psychology textbooks next to the definition for Recency Bias.

At least Harbaugh tried his darnest to get out while he still could. McCarthy needs to play them the next two years! You don't think this will come back to bite him in November? I'd imagine Vegas odds would say McCarthy is still a heavy favorite to finish with a losing record against the Buckeyes in his career.