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Selena Gomez And Martin Short Talking About Their Fresh Botox On Stage At The SAG Awards Makes Them The Most Relatable People In The Room

Finally, RELATABILITY! The SAG Awards (Screen Actors Guild) were on last night and after falling on the red carpet and breaking her shoe, Selena Gomez later came out on stage with Only Murders In The Building co-star Martin Short, barefoot. All airs of professionalism and celebrity lost, the two went on to talk about how it was difficult to show emotion about the night, with so much botox. WHO AMONG US HASN'T EXPERIENCED THIS? Well, I guess if you haven't gotten botox, you wouldn't get it. Even if you haven't, you should start using this excuse, because it's true what they say about having a hard time showing emotion. It's not that you don't WANT to show emotion, you just can't really raise your eyebrows or move your face too quickly, which kind of takes away the "feeling" of emotion. It forces you to verbally confirm your own feelings, as our stars have done, especially in moments like this when the botox is really doing its job. 


One of my favorite things about botox is that it prevents those of us who have over-the-top reactions to have more "normal" reactions. Having a super expressive face is both a gift and a curse. I don't cry as much when I've got fresh 'tox, and that's because I can't screw up my face into a "crying face." I usually just give up and move on. Once it's a lot easier to cry, I know I'm ready for some new new. The same unfortunately goes for laughing, or showing gratitude. Botox basically gives you a permanent resting bitch face, and I'm glad that Selena and Martin are both in on the big joke we all have together. Life is tough when your wrinkles set deep into your face. 

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