DJ iMarkkeyz Has Now Remixed "My Name's Kodak Black But When You See Me I'm White" & It's Undoubtedly The Best One Yet

A few weeks ago after we released our Kodak Black interview a couple folks started remixing the absolute banger that Kodak Black serenades us with at the beginning of the video. All of the ones I blogged a few weeks were formidable tunes. Great remixes. Would rock to any of them on my playlists.

Though this brand new one? This is the one from DJ iMarkkeyz! Not to mention the video he made along with it just simply oozes positive vibes. It's a fucking PROFESSIONAL banger. My fingers are crossed that this will one day get played at bars across the country. I will now leave you alone to bop around to this for the rest of the day. Just beware that it WILL undoubtedly get stuck in your head for the next week.

And while you're here check out Kodak on Million Dollaz Worth of Game last night!