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Good News: Russian Models Banned From OnlyFans are Getting Their Accounts Back

If there's one thing that every war ever fought in human history has in common besides the death and destruction, it's what today our leaders euphemistically call "collateral damage." But for tens of thousands of years we referred to by it's much more accurate name, "the suffering of innocents." 

It's the aspect of war that the aggressors typically give lip service to. They'll insist they're doing everything in their power to prevent it. And yet it still happens. Every. Single. Time. Non-combatants suffering is as much a part of warfare as bloodshed. They suffer physically, emotionally, spiritually and economically. Always. And Russia's unjustified invasion of Ukraine is of course no exception. Even on Russia's own side of the border. 


Source -  Adult entertainers in Russia have been blocked from OnlyFans amid financial sanctions imposed upon the country following its invasion of Ukraine.

Several kinky content creators spoke out on Sunday saying that they were unable to share new videos and access money earned via their OnlyFans accounts.

“In short term, I don’t have money to live… Many models [are] faced with this, nobody thought it could happen,” user Bunnie Mommy told Rolling Stone, alleging her account was frozen on Saturday evening.

The X-rated model claimed she lost over $8,000 USD amid the ban. 

In a statement on Sunday, OnlyFans told The Daily Beast: “While creators are not responsible for the recent attacks on Ukraine, due to worldwide financial restrictions we have very limited methods to pay Creator accounts linked to Russia and Belarus."

Nice going, Putin. When you run a country whose only exports are petroleum, vodka and women men want to have hot seksom with, you might want to think twice before you roll your troops into another country and start breaking things. Because there will be consequences. 

Russia is essentially a gas station now with a minimart that sells liquor and "90 Day Fiance" contestants. So guess who is going to take the hit when you go playing a real world version of "Risk"? That's right. The ladies who show up in all my pop up ads saying they want to meet me, and the content creators like Bunnie Mommy. Once her fans realize they can get her brand of zaftig, Rubenesque cosplay:

.. from voluptuous, curvy women with a clean conscience, without the guilt-by-association element that Putin has tainted all of Russia with, they will. There are other Big, Beautiful Women on OnlyFans, from nations with more peace loving rulers. 

Fortunately though, it would appear that as of today, the situation has been resolved peaceably:

Daily Star - OnlyFans confirmed on Monday that it has been able to "restore account activity for creators in all countries" following "financial restrictions". …

SixSexPlanes, 25, from Moscow, Russia said that content creators in the country are nothing to do with the conflict and are afraid for their loved ones in Ukraine.

She said: "It’s important to say, we all don’t support our government. We’re suffering about it all time and now we’re all just shocked. I believe that the government will not care about sanctions, and they will hit ordinary people too.' …

Bunnie Mommy added that the attack on her 'brothers and sisters breaks her heart' but she the sanctions imposed on OnlyFans creators is unfair, particularly as some are fundraising for Ukrainians.

Nothing will compare with war and explosions near your home, she added. "But blocking bank accounts of peaceful Russian people, blocking working pages and freezing income won’t help Ukraine.

"[We] are humans, who really wish peaceful sky under Ukraine and want to help as much as we can."

Hear, hear, SixSexPlanes. Well said, Bunnie Mommy. We can all rejoice at the news that these innocent bystanders do not support the actions of their government, and will no longer be suffering due to actions they oppose. And so they are free once again to produce content for their legions of fans around the world. Hopefully this will be the start of a movement. A world united in opposition to the attack, and coming together to stop it, in the international language of softcore porn and nudity. Cooperating to stop the violence and keep the world free to send money to women who give them something to masturbate to. Poundingd swords into plowshares while pounding your meat. Let us all come together to pray for an end to the hostilities and an increase in subscriptions for these heroic models.