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STATEMENT: I Do Not Respect Cajun Waffle Fries

Listen I don't want to make a huge deal out of today's Snake Draft - mostly because I already did during recording. But also because I want you guys to be unbiased and objective in your judgments. Any and all moaning, bitching, pissing, whining or complaining to that effect will most certainly hamper my efforts. So let me be clear again. I don't want to make a huge deal out of the potato draft. 

That said it would be disingenuous to move forward without acknowledging Cajun Waffle Fries. Prior to this draft I never even heard of CWF's as their own distinct food. The seasoning? Of course. The waffle fry itself? A blue chipper All American where the hype actually meets the results. And if you mixed them together I'd say that sounds like a nice combination. Keyword: nice. The word you use when your hands are tied and you don't want to be a flamboyant asshole. It's a nice combination. 

But that doesn't mean it lives and breathes the same air as a loaded baked potato. That doesn't put it squarely in the same conversation as a garlic mashed or traditional tater tot. Cajun Waffle has never once earned that kind of national reputation and yet today we give it a ride around the internet in a Rolls Royce while throwing a fuckin parade. Never in my life have I seen such unjustified and unwarranted attention. But here we are. February 28th, the year of our lord 2022, suckin the skin off Cajun Waffle Fries dick. I concede the Cajun presents nice flavoring but I'm not here to suck dick. I'm here to talk about potatoes. 

Yukon Gold. Fingerlings. A Classic Russet. This is where a true potato connoisseur makes his money. 

There's so many classic options when you think about potatoes that you'd have to be borderline insane to get out of bed and just throw a Cajun seasoning onto any one of these without considering the consequences. I mean at least tip your cap to a standard wedge cut before you starting talking seasoning. That should be potato drafting 101 but alas today flips that. Today we have Matt Millen in the first round looking at more tight ends. What is this world coming to? 

I certainly don't know. But todays draft is a nice distraction from whatever's holding you back on this beautiful Monday. We have Large McCarthy making another food based appearance. We've got classification and nuance issues coming out of (or up the) Wazoo. There's sound debate and even a little personal angst from a certain man who claims to be 69 inches tall. Top to bottom it's a loaded draft and that's what fuckin kills me about Cajun Waffle Fries. It's like we're granting a make-a-wish just to put these on the board nevertheless as high as they go. In that case at least it's for a good cause. People helping people. It's a beautiful thing. 

Go listen to the draft and please subscribe to our shit. Then when you're done helping us out, render an opinion on Cajun Waffle Fries. Do they belong or have I just completely missed to definition of Iconic Potatoes? 

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