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If You're A Ryder (Like Myself), Please Don't Watch This

New episode is up with a merry go round of Barstool carnival characters.  Nate Dog is on to talk about his feud with Tiko and what goes up on the blog.  As much as I really don't like his face, I do think he cares a lot about Barstool and would be sad if he left.  Then we have Kontent Kim on to discuss her really confusing fight with the Mean Girls and if Rudy and Jordyn actually made out or not.  Then Rico and Dan talk about Rico chirping Greg Gard, Rico's desk wars, and how they can get Bench Mob to become a varsity podcast.  Rico almost stormed out multiple times and definitely needed a nap by the end of it.  There were a lot of triggers.  Other topics: what happened at the content meeting, Sammi Sweetheart's random Barstool friend, Storm Chasers, Coach Prime on Fallon. 

Episode is also available on iTunes and Spotify.