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Lakers Lose By 30 So LeBron Does LeBron Things - Goes On Twitter And Complains About A Reporter Making Him Look Bad

So in case you missed it last night, LeBron and the 27-33 Lakers got their ass kicked, again: 

So what does LeBron do? Don't worry folks he took to Twitter to yell at a reporter for making LeBron look bad. It's time to focus on the important things as he gets ready for Zero Dark 23. Now Bill Oram is a beat writer for the Athletic. This is the what LeBron is all pissed off about: 

Typical Bron Bron. He's all upset that people would dare say negative things about him. Why would someone dare question this team that he put together? Why would someone dare question his past about leaving teams and subtweeting and being passive aggressive? It's not like this happens all the time with him. 

Now he's out here passive aggressively tweeting a reporter after getting their ass kicked again. Maybe, I don't know just a suggestion here, worry about getting a team that can shoot? Worry about getting a team that figures out a way to win. Just probably what I would do if I was in charge of the Lakers. So I support Bill Oram. He's doing good work. 

Such a shame. Truly hate seeing the Lakers struggle.