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My Brain Has Entered Mock Draft Season: This Is My Choice For The Bears At #39

Hello, friends.

We have reached the part of the season where morons like me start to become hopeful again. A bit of development here, a culture change there, a bit of Rodgers leaving the North, a few draft picks, a couple free agents, and bam...the Bears aren't a joke anymore. That is how I play it up in my brain and it feels good. You look out into the bleak midwinter or flip on the news and it demands that you start mock draft season so here I am. 

I am not an expert like Cheah or McShay, but I've looked at mock drafts, I looked at big boards, I watched a lot of college football and some youtube and I got to a point where I found my guy. We've been here before...


If you have issues with those picks...that's fine. I like both players, a lot, still, and...I am looking forward to being right again. Introducing George Pickens

6'3 220lbs

Great at jump balls, open even when he's not open

Physical in the run game too

4.5 speed. 

Biggest strike against him is that he is coming off an ACL tear from March 2021 and when he came with 4 games left in the season he was only mildly effective. Every other player probably mails in the season and goes back for another year or declares for the draft. Pickens came back and made a huge play to beat Bama in the National Championship. 


You add up all those attributes and it starts to sound an awful lot like…Allen Robinson, the guy the Bears desperately need to replace after Nagy ruined him last year. Mooney and Pickens on the outside, Kmet intermediate, Cohen out of the backfield (I think he is still alive), Fields extending plays, Jenkins and Borom protecting the edges…idk, guys. Starting to kinda sorta maybeee getting excited. Anyways…with the 39th pick in the draft…George Pickens. Remember the name.