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Just Your Normal Scottish Amateur Soccer Match: Ref Runs Off The Field And Delivers A Hellacious Headbutt To A Fan

[Source] - AN amateur football match was abandoned in the 92nd minute after the referee headbutted a fan.

Bosses called off Stanley Athletic AFC and Port Glasgow United clash when the match official lunged at the spectator on the sidelines in Renfrew, Renfrewshire.

The home side were winning 6-2 when the attack, which was captured on video took place.

You gotta hand it to the Scottish amateur soccer league here. A true crazy person decides to deliver a headbutt, but you could argue a crazier person is a fan of one of these teams to the point of getting headbutted by a ref. I'm sure this fella decided to chirp the ref a few times, which is true dedication to the game. If you're willing to show up to an amateur soccer match and chirp a ref you love the game. No other way to put it. Life is different over there though. The real question is what did the guy say for the ref to do this. 

As a fellow bald, I've heard plenty of chirps about not having hair. It's mean but it's fine. Guess who never has to worry about how his hair looks? Makes it easy to get ready and easy to pack now that I don't need hair stuff - which I only guy at Barstool Would. But you get to used to it. You get used to not having hair and people thinking it's an easy thing to make fun of. So it can't be that. You don't headbutt a guy over a bald joke. 

Going right to a headbutt is an insane move too. You're risking hurting yourself with a headbutt, but that's Scotland for you. Feel like 82% of fights start over soccer and with a headbutt. You can't just punch a guy there. You can't just shove someone. Gotta let them know you mean business.