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Walking Straight Off The Ice After Scoring A Shootout Game Winner Is As Cold As It Gets

The post game beers were already sitting out and getting warm during the overtime period. There's no sense in taking your sweet ass time on the ice to celebrate the win when you can just head straight back to the locker room and crack a few open while the mountains are still blue. This is the AHL, after all. I'm sure the fellas in the NHL have a nice beer fridge in the locker room or a Yeti Tundra 250 filled with an entire rink full of ice. But in the AHL you've got maybe a few plastic bags filled up with ice from the soda machine keeping those bad boys cold for you. Time is of the essence. And Jeff Malott clearly understands that. 

What makes this celly even colder is the backup goalie for Chicago started the whole thing. Poor bastard walked himself right into that one. The first time I saw this clip I thought maybe Jeff Malott already had a plan in place with the Zamboni driver to pop the door open if he ever scores the game winner like that. Which still would have been awesome and incredibly cocky to think of ahead of time, but anything pre-planned like that automatically gets docked a few points. But the disrespect that comes from making the backup goalie hold the door for you as you walk it off straight in his face takes this celebration from awesome to iconic. Just a step below Teemu shooting his glove out of the air.