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Gary Payton Said That Shaq Used To Piss In A Bucket For A Week And Then Dump It On A Rookie’s Head

We’ll get to Shaq in a minute, but Gary Payton is a sicko, too. Listen to how he’s telling this story. “We” used to play “JOKES.” He very much still thinks this is hilarious. He was probably pissing in that bucket, too. And another thing.

GP didn’t technically say Shaq was exclusively pissing in that bucket. He just said he went to the bathroom in that bucket. And based off this story I’m not giving him the benefit of the doubt that he was only using sterile urine to dump on these unsuspecting rookies. Imagine a Shaq sized dump sloshing around a bucket full of Shaq piss festering in the bathroom for a WEEK? This is the closest I’ve ever been to siding with Kobe.

I’ve long maintained that we, as a society, are lucky Shaq is as jolly and friendly as he is. One unrelenting mean streak and he could take over several states by sunrise. What the fuck can you do to the 7’2”, 330 lbs guy who just wants a laugh. We’re lucky this is as far as he’s extended his reign of terror. Well, those rookies weren’t so lucky, but that’s their problem.