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Someone Finally Pulled The Wander Franco Platinum First Edition 1/1 AKA The "Congrats On Your New Lambo" Card

Want to see a piece of cardboard that will pretty much make sure you could retire early? You're looking at it. It's the holy grail of the 2022 Topps Series 1 that came out a few weeks ago, straight from the first edition box. This 1/1 Platinum Wander Franco is a card that dreams are made of. He IS the reason you buy Series 1, he's basically what everyone is hunting for. His base cards were going for $50 at one point, just a base card! But this is the 1/1 with the 1st Edition stamp with the rookie shield on it as well. It is as sweet as they come. Safe to say it's a life changing card.

Who knows what this card could go for, some were saying $500,000 or possibly more. I don't think it would sell for that high but who knows, there's only one of these bad boys so who is to say what it ends up selling for. Legit no idea but it's worth keeping an eye on. This thing is a special card. If he comes out and has another great year, the value is only going to go up. He has to sell it as soon as he gets it back. Throw it in an auction and start picking out your new Lambo.


(If it doesn't start at the 15:15 mark, fast forward to that mark and watch the magic happen)

It's a monster pull, an absolute insane pull. It's the holy grail. He handled it much better than I would have, just yelled out "KABOOOOOM" a few times, gave us some "LETS GOOOOO"s, sleeved it up and put it in a top loader and kept it moving. Now it is a veteran card collector, Brett Comincioli, so this isn't his first time opening up something sick like this. It has to be the biggest card he's ever pulled though, this 1/1 is a game changer on the market. By the time you're reading this that card will already be on its way to PSA to get graded. I'm not even sure the grade will change the potential value at all since it's a 1/1. Brett bought the first edition box for $387 after shipping so I think it's safe to say he made a solid investment on the box. For sure made his money back plus a little extra. He basically spent $400 and will now be able to pay off his house because he decided to open this box of cards on a Sunday afternoon. What a crazy world we live in. Wandermania baby, it's real and it's here, and it's also worth quite a pretty penny.