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Ole Miss Has A 6'4, 300 Pound, 4-Star DEFENSIVE TACKLE Hitting Walk-Off Home Runs For Their Baseball Team.

America, meet Tywone Malone. He's a 6'4, 300 pound defensive tackle for the Ole Miss Rebels who just happens to hit 400 foot mercy rule walk-off homers for the baseball team. The guy hits BOMBS.Forget Tommy Tanks, I'm here for Ty the Tank. A walk-off bomb in your second career NCAA at-bat aint too shabby, especially when it's your second sport. There's no denying the kid is super talented, but when you factor in that his junior year in HS was wiped out by Covid and he spent his senior year rehabbing from knee surgery so he didn't play baseball, this was essentially his first homer in his second at-bat in a three year period. 


This guy is so much fun to watch. A man that large hitting homers is a sight to see. He's just a freak athlete. The ball sounds different coming off Malone's bat. He's got a stud in front of him at first too in Tim Elko, but with power like this, you can bet your ass you'll see more of Malone this year. He's too good not to showcase. Also, this is another great example of why kids shouldn't focus on just one sport. If you're a beast at multiple sports, keep playing them. Can't hurt you, can really only help. It for sure helps Malone in this case. I just don't know how you pitch to a guy that big. You aren't getting one by him, and if he connects you're done for. He's a nightmare in the box. 

I am all in on Ty The Tank, fully bought in. Especially in those powder blue uniforms. Not many guys in college athletics that can sack your qb and go opposite field to the power alley for a walk-off. He's amazing and part of the reason that college baseball is so much fun. 

Terrifying to see a first baseman this size, absolutely terrifying. This is now a Ty The Tank Stan account, would love to see him have a fantastic year for the Rebels.