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Former Miss Ukraine Has Traded In Her Crown For An Assault Rifle And Warned That "Anybody Who Crosses The Border Will Be Killed"

NY POST - A beauty queen and former Miss Grand Ukraine has apparently traded in her high heels for combat boots, joining the Ukrainian military in its push against the Russian invasion.

Anastasia Lenna, Ukraine’s 2015 representative in the Miss Grand International beauty contest, has answered the call to defend her home, according to her Instagram account.

“Everyone who crosses the Ukrainian border with the intent to invade will be killed!” said one post made in English on Saturday, accompanied by a photo of armed soldiers blocking a roadway.

Another post joked that “Our [Ukraine’s] army is fighting in such a way that NATO should apply for entry into Ukraine.”

She also shared a photo to her 75,000 followers showing soldiers walking with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, whom she called a “a true and strong leader.”

Since the launch of the invasion on Wednesday, the model has shared a string of posts on her Instagram story urging support and soliciting donations to the Ukrainian armed forces.

First it was former Heavyweight Champions of the world declaring their allegiance to the cause, taking up arms to join their countrymen and women at the front lines. 

Now you can add beauty pageant winners to Ukrainian ranks.

Miss Ukraine 2015, Anastasia Lenna, is not to be trifled with.

Any chick that has full body ghillie suits in her wardrobe definitely means business.

Here she was back in 2015.

Here she is today.

With all the media buzz this story attracted over the weekend, Anastasia posted something a few hours ago clearing up that she was not part of the Ukrainian military for anybody that got that impression.

Speaking of which, there are 36,000 women in the Ukrainian military, one of the strongest numbers in the world.

Anastasia is part of the civilian resistance, which is also strong in numbers.

Men aged 18 to 60 have been banned from leaving Ukraine and civilians have been encouraged to fight back against Russian troops.

Ukrainian truck drivers drove back from Poland over the weekend to join the fight.

Residents in Dnipro and Kyiv have been filmed making Molotov cocktails at pop-up stations.

Remarkable footage was posted to social media on Sunday showing a crowd of unarmed Ukrainian civilians gathering in front of a Russian tank east of Kyiv, preventing it from entering their village,

(Unreal amount of balls on these guys)

The utmost respect to Anastasia Lenna, the Klitschko brothers, and all the other civilians fighting the good fight.

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