48 hours on Twitter here is what I have learned


I have been really enjoying Twitter for the last 48 hours! Here is what I have learned so far.

1. A subtweet is one of two things. The first is tweeting while on the Subway. The problem with this is that you cannot Subtweet unless you are in a city with a subway. The second, found in Urban Dictionary is; "a post that refers to a particular user without directly mentioning them, typically as a form of furtive mockery or criticism."

I think the latter seems absurd! Just tag the person or text them to let them know how you feel. For my first subtweet, I went with this:




2. Twitter uses incomplete sentences. I see many comments that say "would" or "bonk." I find it hard to reply to these comments without more context. Would, what?



Thankfully spider cleared the air. 



In that case.. would! 



3. Twitter is an excellent place for expression. It has a philosophical side to it. I saw Dana Beers tweet that he would responsibly drink a thousand drinks. Besides the fact he clearly demonstrates leadership qualities by saying "responsibly," this also brought to my attention the number of drinks a person consumes is just a number, as is age. If we can keep this in mind moving forward, my daughter Alex, and other kids, would be less inclined to suppress their mothers from using apps like Twitter. Or blogging!




4. Twitter is spontaneous! I love it. 



Rules shall be rules! I will follow. Just happy to be here. 




5. This tweet confirms everything I have always known…I WOULD BE A GREAT GRANDMOTHER. Someone won't give me grandkids. 



Always remember, mother knows best. Maybe that's what my tattoo will say. And YES, the ink does get in the blood!