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I Have Found New Lifelong Enemies

It's been some time since I've truly found some enemies. That has now happened. Why? Because fuck Arkansas. It feels good to hate Arkansas again, something that truly hasn't been there since the 90s. Losing to them helps feel this way too. If this happened during the first half, I wouldn't have nearly cared. But putting your baby in the air like Simba to call the Hogs? Fuck that. The entire family are now my O'Doyle's. Along with that is this wife. 

Hey lady, let a guy rip his shirt off. If this was March I would do the same thing? A regular season game? Absolutely not. But then again I get it when Arkansas hasn't made a Final Four since 1995. I'd want to rip my shirt off over any important win too. And yes this game mattered way more for Arkansas than Kentucky. Little secret, Kentucky is still a 2-seed, right where they were before the game. 

Oh and I won't apologize for this. Play until the whistle.