Coach Cal Ain't Scared: Arkansas Fans Try To Ruin His Dinner By Calling The Hogs, He Laughs In Their Face

You think Coach Cal is scared of some people calling the hogs? Fuck that. He's out there trying to enjoy his dinner and he's going to laugh in their face. Remember the last time Kentucky played at Arkansas? Coach Cal went big brain and got himself ejected to ignite a win. 

Now he just wanders around Arkansas for dinner, probably looking for the Storm Chasers and wanting to have a chat. Does this guy look like he cares about people chanting in his face? No. Of course not. He's laughing at them because he coaches Kentucky. He has a top-5 team in the country and knows this team can win a title. 

Nobody loves this shit more than Cal. He embraces being hated on the road. He knows every time Kentucky plays on the road it's some sort of color out or t-shirt giveaway or jersey retirement because every single game is the Super Bowl for that team. And yes, Arkansas is doing a stripe-out for this. 

It's so goddamn good to be us.