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Somebody Was Gonna Charge Rick Ross $10,000 To Cut Down Trees In His Backyard So He Decided To Just Do It Himself

First things first, if you don't follow Rick Ross on instagram you're doing yourself a grave disservice. He is easily the best follow on that app and it's not particularly close. His insta stories are far and away more entertaining than everyone else's. Most people try to make their lives look way more interesting than they actually are. Rick Ross actually lives a batshit crazy life and documents it all. He lives on an OUTRAGEOUS property down in Georgia and just does whatever he wants all the time. You get a little bit of everything. Big house, nice cars, weed, champagne, girls shaking ass, motivational speeches, etc. You name it, Rick Ross is likely doing it.

And then on special occasions you'll get moments like this one where Ross got his first cow and was beyond excited

One of the best videos of the year and it's only February.

Fast forward to this weekend and we've got another great video from Rozay. Rick Ross vs Trees.

So I saw that video this morning, and it obviously made me laugh because it's fucking hilarious, but did I think Rick Ross was actually gonna fire up a chainsaw and cut down the trees himself? I did not.

Well that would make me a fool because he did just that


Fucking awesome man. Cowboy hat on, chainsaw revved up, trees going down, 10,000 bucks in Rozay's pocket. I love and appreciate everything Rick Ross has given to hip hop fans over the years but Cowboy Rick Ross might be my favorite version of him. I can't wait to see what he does next weekend.

PS- The people who are like, "that's a bull, not a cow" or "those aren't oak trees" or "that's not the right way to cut a tree down" don't deserve Rick Ross' content. Who cares. Shut up and enjoy it.