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The James Harden Philly Era Is Here And It Is Absolutely Magical

Yes, one game. I repeat - ONE game. But, dammit, that was something Sixers fans haven't seen in literally generations. When was the last this team had two players on the floor as dominant as Embiid and Harden? Iverson was always a solo show. Tony Snell and Henry Sims? Possibly. But the real answer is most likely Doc and Moses all the way back in the mid-1980's. I'm no mathematician, but that seems like a long fucking time.  

Embiid with a God/MVP 34 and 10. Harden with 27-12-8 only  missing a triple-double because the Sixers were up by 27 with 5 min left in the 4th. Tobias Harris with a HEFTY 6-point effort Tyrese Maxey budding into a certified star with 27. Shit, even Matisse Thybulle decided to exist offensively with 11 points. And of course Harden had as many 3-pointers in one night as a Sixer than Ben Simmons did his entire career - Of which included TWO 4-point plays. 

It's a good day to be a Sixers fan. RELATED: We're going to responsibly make a goddamn responsible fortune on this team during the rest of the season. 

Now do me a favor and CUE IT!

PS - First Time, Long Time. We'll hang up and listen.