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Mother Knows Best


You might be thinking to yourself, "I have never seen a blog from this woman," and that thought would be accurate.

The reason you have never seen a blog from me is that my daughter, Alex, told me, "You won't be good at blogs" and "I would have a lot of typos in them." To that, I say, ever heard of Grammarly? It will fix all my typos. I'm 58, not 98. Brat. 

I was hired 6 months ago to create mother-daughter content with my daughter. That was all fun and games until 4 weeks ago when Alex and Jordyn Woodruff got into some mean girl drama. Amidst the drama they created a podcast called "Mean Girl." 

Initially, I was okay with it. Supportive, in fact. That was until Alex started neglecting me. She would put the Mean Girl Pod over our mother-daughter podcast, Cause I Said So. It was constantly "Jordyn and I are going to do this", "Jordyn and I are going to do that" and so on and so forth.


Ridiculous. I raised her better than this! I am her mother. 

During this time of neglect, I started watching videos on how to use Twitter. I have always found it hard to follow what people say on Twitter. Alex always told me, "not to worry about it. You don't have to tweet if it's too confusing". 

Ha! Turns out I am, and always have been, a self-sufficient woman. I finally realized I don't have to understand how to read Twitter, I just have to know how to send the tweets. Bingo!


Alex and Jordyn came to happy hour with my husband and me last night. I bought their drinks like a nice mom. How do they repay me? By getting locked out of Alex's apartment at 1:30 am. They just had to come to sleep on my floor. I even gave them my bed once I got up! I have had enough of these two.

Then, I came into the office today and people started asking me questions about the Mean Girl pod. Questions that I may or may not have known the answer to. But does it matter if I know the real answer? What do I have to lose? These two girls are being mean. They tell me not to tweet. They say I can't blog. They put  the Mean Girl pod over Alex and my stuff. 

So I sent some tweets. Leaked some things about this Mean Girl pod. Why? Because the Mean Girl Pod needs to either shape up, end, or respect what was there before them: Cause I said So, our mother-daughter podcast. And if they can't respect me, I can't respect them. 




Blood is thicker than water, but CONTENT TRUMPS ALL, possibly, right?

Doesn't it, my sweet daughter? 



Respect your elders. And never underestimate them.