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Dave Grohl Gets Sean Evans Drunk On The Latest 'Hot Ones'

I know Jordie already blogged the BBQ rub portion of this interview yesterday, and he did a phenomenal job, but I just wanted to make sure everybody knew what it was from/the amazing appearance around that question.

Dave Grohl was a guest on 'Hot Ones' yesterday to promote 'Studio 666', the Foo Fighters' slasher film described as "'A Hard Day's Night' drenched in blood"....

....and Dave decided that if Sean Evans was gonna treat him to a buncha spicy wings, he'd treat Sean to a buncha Crown Royal that they'd clean off as they went further and further into the challenge! It wasn't much of a "challenge" for Grohl, though, as he went through the gauntlet of wings in an easy Lorde-esque manner. Even Da Bomb didn't seem to phase him too much. 

It was a phenomenal episode with really great questions as always, and Grohl seemed legitimately thrilled to be a guest on what he called "his favorite show". He knew all about previous episodes, quotes, and even compared this to being on Saturday Night Live/David Letterman for the first time!

By the end of the interview, Sean is pretty heavily buzzed, singing Foo Fighters lyrics back to Dave, demanding more shots, and hugging him like you'd hug your best friend at the end of a long drunken night. Sean Evans basically lived out every Grohl fan's dream here and it looked as amazing as you'd hope.

I'm off to see 'Studio 666' now, and I may even be on Lights Camera Barstool this week to review it, so keep your eyes and ears open!