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Derrick Rose Is Now Getting Surgery And If Thibs Still Doesn't Play The Young Guys Just Fire Him And Start Tanking Now

Oh good! This is exactly what I want to see on a Friday! It's not like the Knicks are desperate for a point guard and are struggling after momentum from last year. It's not like Derrick Rose could help in this exact scenario. All is good here. Hey, at least Kemba is healthy! 


Now it's simple. Play the young guys. I'm not talking about Alec Burks. I'm talking about Deuce McBride, Quentin Grimes and Immanuel Quickley. There are the three guys you need to run more. Let RJ Barrett play as long as you don't keep him in during a blowout so he rolls his ankle. If Thibs is going to still ride with old guys and be stuck in the mud, just get rid of him. This season needs to go one of two ways.

1. Play the young guys and make a push for the playoffs. Even the play-in game! Having momentum matters.

2. Start completely tanking and try to get a top-10 pick in a fairly deep draft. The odds of a top-3 pick to land Jabari Smith, Chet or Paolo are completely out of the picture. Hell even Jaden Ivey is likely out of the picture. But, hey, TyTy Washington would be nice! I'll even be happy with like a Johnny Davis or Bennedict Mathurin. But the fact is Thibs needs to finally commit to young guys. You can't keep rolling out guys that are stuck. 

It's no secret this season feels like a disappointment. We had that Bing Bong run, that was fun. So was Evan Fournier on national TV against the Celtics and that win against the Bulls. But overall? Bad. Typical Knicks or whatever. But if we're going to have a bunch of first round picks, use them and play them. It does no good otherwise. Start playing Cam Reddish, who you gave up a 1st round pick for. Play Deuce and Grimes and IQ. What is there to lose? More games. Plenty used to that! 

Selfishly let's just hire Kenny Payne as head coach so Louisville can't. Win-win in my life.