This "Anything But A Cup" Themed College Party Just May Have Changed The Game Forever

Fucking college, man. What a PLACE. Your boy here only went for 3 semester at a school considered a “party school” and was a subpar partier there sadly so this gives me the heebies jeebies that I missed out on some good old fashioned fun and by good old fashioned fun I mean themed-parties. And I gotta say- this one right here? This one is AWESOME. One I’ve truly never heard of before. You of course have your classics like ABC (anything but clothes) or a decade-themed like the 80’s…

Anything but a cup though? That shit is brand spankin’ NEW! And fun as hell. The yard chalice is classic. The shoe is little too easy but always a favorite. The spray bottle looks cool though it’s probably a pretty fucking tough feat to spray alcohol in your mouth. Gross. Cocktas peanuts is probably wonderful as it hits you with a salty after taste. Yet by far the #1 has GOT TO BE the Bell Pepper. I mean drinking out of a bell pepper is fucking fantastic. That is something you don’t see everyday and, frankly, a bell pepper would probably hold up as a phenomenal cup. Good for that guy.