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Some Guys Still Haven't Gotten Over X-Pac/Kane's Breakup

OK, I'll admit it, that "some guys" in my headline MAY just be referring to my pal Jared Carrabis, but maaaaan - he's still pissed. 

You bring up X-Pac turning on Kane over Tori back in 1999....

....and Carrabis is leaving the room. Just can't stand to relive that first heartbreak.

Speaking of heartbreak, however, Sean Waltman (AKA X-Pac AKA The 1-2-3 Kid) returns at GCW Heartbreak TONIGHT for his first match back in almost three years! 

It all started back at the Hammerstein in January, when Matt Cardona and Brian Myers were beating up Joey Janela after a match, and X-Pac made the save to thunderous applause....


….and now the tag match is SET! It'll be X-Pac and Joey Janela vs The Major Players (Matt Cardona and Brian Myers)!

I was fortunate enough to speak with Sean Waltman ahead of this comeback, and picked his brain about wrestling under pressure, navigating backstage politics, having fun with DX at house shows, and even his underrated Star Wars fandom!

It was a really awesome chat, and if you missed my interview with his opponent tonight, Matt Cardona….


….you should check that out as well! Cardona was in top heel form.