Ottawa Oppression Continues: The Capital City Is Now Forcing Couples To Define Their Relationship By Moving St Valentine's Day To March

Did you forget Valentine’s Day this year, or wish you had celebrated it differently? If you live in Ottawa, you have a rare chance at a do-over.

Ottawa city council unanimously approved a motion to redo Valentine’s Day on March 14 this year, in the wake of the three-week Freedom Convoy protest that took over the city’s downtown.

"Our heart-shaped city needs a little love," said Coun. Mathieu Fleury, who presented the motion.


Men in Ottawa:

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The people of Ottawa thought they were free. Well, free from having to buy bullshit and spend crazy money on an overpriced, pre-fixed menu because society and now the Government say you have to. All these people thought they had made it. They pretended to be so gosh darn mad at those truckers for ruining Valentines that they TOTALLY wanted to celebrate. 

It's been a crazy month in Ottawa. All politics is local. So sure, you might be someone who was extremely annoyed by the truckers protest in your city, but at least they saved you from having to define your relationship. If you're political movement is trying to win hearts and minds and they just kicked the can down the road on an uncomfortable discussion with the person you're currently fucking, then that is a win for the protest. The Government coming back in force the issue is just the latest example of government overreach and how disgustingly out of touch they are with their constituents. I am a romantic (you seen the Ozzie pic?). I love love. Even I hate Valentine's. A trumped up social obligation to come through a mere months after you dropped too much cash on Christmas gifts and New Years Eve. And that is if you are in an established relationship. Maybe you are young and fun and met a young and fun person on NYE and now you need to decide if you want to stop being young and fun with that person and be only with that person for an extended period of time all because the government said V-Day is a back on an arbitrary Monday. The Monday AFTER when most big St Patrick's Day celebrations will occur. That is a brutal. Fucking Ottawa, man. Leave your people alone. If couples want to reschedule their valentine's day that should be their own choice. They should decide how and when they want to celebrate their love and it shouldn't be government mandate.