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Florida Panthers' Sam Bennett Might Need To Lay Low For A Little After This Murderous Hit

Holy shit. That was violent. That was devastating. That was...AWESOME. 

Cole Sillinger. 18-year-old kid playing for his hometown Blue Jackets. Living the dream. 6-3 game and the Cats have their goalie pulled with over 4 minutes left in the game. The young fella thinks this one is over. He thinks he can just coast around out there and lazily chuck this one in the back of the empty net for his 2nd goal of the night. Figures the game is done, time to pad the stats and call it a night. Turns out he almost called it a life. 

Didn't even see it coming. Welcome to the National. 

The Florida Panthers are out for blood this year. If they're not going to bury you on the scoreboard, then they're going to bury you out on the open ice. This Mason Marchment hit was just a week ago. 

Imagine having to play these goons in a playoff series? You'll have 5 guys left on the roster by game 7. Cats year.